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This Section Is To Give You A REAL Rundown Of The News Stories And Rumors Without The Insider BS.

** To kick off this installment of THE DRILL we will announce that Kayfabedojo.com will be up and ready to go very very soon. A new revamped site including a brand new RPW logo.

** More news about the May 1st show "Brand New Millennium", Outcast Killa Oman Tortuga was quoted this past weekend at Ring of Honor's 'Do or Die II' by saying "I'm more excited than ever to finally return to the Ukie Club." Oman and his partner Diablo Santigo are both slated to appear.

** Bobby Shields and Synndy have been seen behind the scenes on more than one occassion together arguing about differnt things. But as many saw at this past show, the love is still there.

** THIS JUST SIGNED more details will be available in the next week but ROH star and member of the Second City Saints, Colt Cabanna is said to be coming to RPW in the very near future.

** The Star Foundation has given up hope on Gabe Saint taking out Rik Matrix and has offered a $20,000 reward for anybody that can take out the big man again.

** RPW stars Charisma, Canadian Thriller, Jimmy Olsen, Colin Olsen, and "Golden Boy" Mike Champion all amde their debuts at WOH's last show on March 12th.

** RPW's commercial debuted this past weekend on Wrestlevision to recruit new soldiers into the RPW Army.

** At this past RPW show JC Money made his return only to have it rained on when Kevin Dunn came to the ring and challenged JC to a Lumberjack leather Strap match for "The American Blue Bloods" first match back.

** In a shocking turn of events at this past show Gabe Saint joined the Star Foundation to 'finish a job on matrix' for $6,000... Word from our sources is that if the damage puts the big man back on the shelf he could recieve as much as $10,000.

** The tag scene is currently in turmoil in RPW as already the break up of Saint and Sanchez has stunned fans, but rumor has it they're not the only team splitting.

** For those keeping track, Dunn and Marcos are STILL undefeated in RPW as a team.

** Hellcat has also promised a MAJOR ground breaking announcememnt regarding the status of RPW and it's futur by the end of the month. Details are sketchy, but with the recent financial struggles the company has faced, any big gamble is risky.

** Rumor has it RPW Hellcat has not been pleased with the remaining members of the Osawa Syndicate since his retirement and may even be kicking one member out of the group.

** The Canadian Thriller has apparently made his own version of The Fast Ferry to make it back to Rochester and has been thinking about making a return. No word on whether that will happen.

** With RPW's ever growing roster, how can you expect to see all your favorite stars appearing at every show... Let's just say the booking for some up coming RPW events will be very very interesting and invoating to the Rochester Area.

** RPW debuted on Wrestlevision 2.0 under it's new producer last month, and can be seen on WBGT-18 at 1PM every Sunday featuring your hosts Scotty bender and 'Handsome' Randell Burton and special commentary by other RPW personalities.

** The Miss RPW Beauty Pagent is currently looking for young ladies to be part of it's first ever competition with first prize being a chance to manager an RPW star and in addition, possibly also become a 'One Night Fan'. Email rpwdrillcontact@yahoo.com for more info.

** It's official... Freddy Franchise has changed his name to "Hangin' Tough" Freddy Midnight.

** As one final note, The Canadian Thriller has taken a short leave to return to his home at Sundowner's in Niagra Falls take advatage of 'The better health care system' up North until his 2 Month suspension by the RPW Front Office is up. How Bout That?

That does it for this installment of THE DRILL.


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